CIVITAS (2018)

In 2018 I had my solo exhibition CIVITAS. The exhibition coincided with Valletta’s title of European Capital of Culture 2018. Held at the Malta Postal Museum & Arts Hub, Valletta, it was inaugurated on the 2nd June with a speech by art critic E.V.Borg.

Works for this exhibition were intentionally eclectic in style. Figurative, abstract, 2D and 3D elements made up a collection within a clear thematic concept that required a wider use of expressive elements in a range of creative skills. The following is an extract displayed on the portal of the Malta Postal Museum during the running of the exhibition:

“Through and through a Valletta boy, Alfred Camilleri brings together recent paintings and sculptures depicting our capital. He explores the past and present, keenly observing his native city as one richly steeped in history, commerce and social interaction. His concern for due respect and a deserving tribute to the prestige of Valletta is at the very heart of this exhibition. Above all, CIVITAS attempts to make a central statement that Valletta, our capital city is in itself a celebration of symbolic distinction on a national, European and international level.”


The year 2022 saw the presentation of my art project which I had been working on since 2019. Twenty six works made up my solo exhibition CONNECTIONS which was held at MUZA – the National Community Art Museum in Valletta, Works were divided into three categories the Compo Series, the Scape Series and an Installation comprising thirteen framed collages forming the statement Art Connects Us. The exhibition which was curated by Patrick Galea and inaugurated by Dr, Margaret Mangion had an analytical introduction by Hilary Spiteri.

(Photos: Justin Gatt)

Here follows a synopsis of the concept behind the exhibition.

The Concept

CONNECTIONS builds on the principle that right from its initial germination stage by its creator, up to its final realization and hence its public exposure, all visual art extracts and provides a number of connections in various ways.

As much as any work of art develops through some specific experience or mindset, be it of the emotional, intellectual or purely rational type, the same happens with the viewer who upon reflection may recall a personal experience, receive an emotion or derive his/her personal meaning from the work in question.

In these works, I connect the utilitarian past in the life of the object towards a new sense of aesthetic and/or expressive significance. In this process there is a transformation, a metamorphose, a literary or symbolic recycle, yet in most of the works a hint or link to the previous state of the material object may often still be preserved.

This exhibition probes the theme of CONNECTIONS by means of three sets of works. In the ‘Scapes’ and ‘Compo’ series specific objects like found objects in the former and commercial packaging in the latter go through a process of re-inventing and re-proposing their existence. In ‘Art Connects Us’ an installation of thirteen framed collages with images of international works of art are fused with alphabetical letters that form and deliver a direct statement about the growing universal need in connecting and sharing common and diverse human cultural values through art.

The following photos are courtesy of MUŻA, the National Community Art Museum – Heritage Malta.